First install some dependencies:

Then download the source code:

Extract it:

Move to the folder:

Configure the source:

Compile the source:

This is going to take about 20mins or so, just be patient.

When its finished type:

Now that its installed we want to set it up!

You’ll be asked what port you want ZNC to listen on, I chose 4000.

Choose yes for SSL and creating a pem file:

It will then ask what IPs to listen on, just leave it blank to listen on all.

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Then create a user and make them admin:

Setup your IRC nickname:

The next three settings you can leave at defaults (just hit return):

Afterword you get to pick which modules you want to have, make sure to say yes to Webmin as it makes configuring ZNC much easier.

Say no to adding a network, it’s easier via the web interface.

Then start ZNC when it asks:

You can now change settings on the ZNC web interface at:


Auto Start on reboot:

at the bottom, add:

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